Introducing KisUlyaanna

KisUlyaanna is 29 years old whose favorite position is I like the position with her legs behind her head and another on his knees like a dog

KisUlyaanna is turned on by Interesting poses. In unusual places, as well as a slap on the ass during passionate sex. It adds hot sensations., and gets turned off by Empty long chatter

KisUlyaanna in their own words: My name is Anna) I like simple, kind men who love women. I like every manifestation and most importantly interest in me. I love when everything happens mutually. I love being desired.

KisUlyaanna is: European and considers themselves I love to give pleasure to men . And see orgasm is generally cool. Come to me, let's have fun together. And if you want to check. I always wait for you for hot feelings mmmmm

Get to know KisUlyaanna

29 years old KisUlyaanna's height is 164, and weight is 61, with the following body type: 88-61-92.

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