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SensualBlack is 20 years old whose favorite position is doggy and spoon could be the best but anything related to sex is fun for me

SensualBlack is turned on by -I love confidence & a sense of humor! Looks dont matter as much as personality, character and kindness. Make me laugh & youll make me wet. Also, I LOVE NERDS Smart is way sexy!, and gets turned off by rudeness...Im not a fan of negative, grumpy or just plain mean people, but really, who is?

SensualBlack in their own words: Sex is a part of nature , i am in harmony with nature.It is easy to take off your clothes and have sex , people do it all the time but opening up your soul to someone , letting them into your spirit,toughts,fears,future,hopes dreams...thats is being naked !

SensualBlack is: European and considers themselves bisexual

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20 years old SensualBlack's height is 173, and weight is 55, with the following body type: 93-60-91.

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